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11 & 12 MAY 2021


EcoSmart Fire

Award winning collection of eco-friendly ventless fireplaces fueled by bioethanol.

Experience absolute design flexibility & freedom with an environmentally friendly ethanol fireplace. EcoSmart Fire offers a complete collection of versatile, connection-free & award winning fireplace solutions that make having an open flame fireplace incredibly easy - whatever the setting - at the same time as being good for the environment.

Independently certified safety features; endorsed by design, construction and landscape professionals; free from utility or flue restrictions; loved by homeowners; kind to the environment - there are countless reasons why choosing an EcoSmart Fire is the smartest fireplace option. Architecturally designed to enhance contemporary living and commercial spaces, EcoSmart Fire adds warmth and ambience with a clean-burning, flickering flame that is free from soot, smoke or ash. Now that`s what we call EcoSmart.

Whether you`re creating a custom fireplace feature, renovating an existing hearth, or looking for an out-of-the-box system, we have a stylish solution to suit your needs. The EcoSmart Fire collection of bioethanol fireplaces is incredibly versatile and gives you absolute installation flexibility to create exactly what you want, without any hassles or restrictions.

Tel: 0333 444 0623

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