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19 & 20 October 2022


EB Charging

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EB Charging, a Blink Charging company (NASDAQ BLNKW) is a leading provider of integrated electric vehicle charging solutions, with over 1100 charge points installed or contracted in the UK.

Trusted by over 50 local authorities, NHS trusts, universities, colleges, schools and private businesses, we are leaders in planning, installing and operating destination chargers on street, in car parks and worksites nationwide.

Our proprietary telematics analysis has helped countless fleets electrify efficiently, pragmatically and affordably. And our charge-at-home and charger booking products support a range of fleet driver's needs.

We have extensive experience in securing government grants, and offer partners a range of funding options, including fully supplier-funded charging-as-a-service options for high usage situations.

We offer contactless and app supported fast AC, rapid and ultra DC chargers, supported by a real-time

client portal, and ancillary revenue protection products.

Engaging at planning, development or retrofit stage, what sets us apart is our highly consultative, information-led approach. We start with a full assessment of your current and likely future

requirements, your visitor, staff and fleet drivers, your electrical supply, and the physical and engineering considerations.

We augment our offer with revenue protection and parking enforcement tools that help deliver a hassle-free experience for the busy EV or fleet driver.

Committed to reducing our collective carbon footprint, EB’s future-focused vision is to see zero emissions towns and cities everywhere, delivering clean, healthy air for all.

Tel: 01727 807 263

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