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19 & 20 October 2022



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Chargifi, the foundational wireless charging technology as a service that transforms the way the world mass-deploys, manages and monetizes power, providing a unique touch point and value exchange for a true user-centric experience.

Chargifi is focused on supporting the hotels to get wireless charging-ready through our enterprise-grade solution. No messy or inconvenient cables, we provide a fully integrated and frictionless charging experience for guests, that is seamlessly embedded into your design. Wireless charging solutions can be simply deployed across hotel lobbies, business centers, meeting spaces, bars, restaurants and bedrooms.

On one hand, these SmartSpots provide value by helping guests stay charged throughout their stay, they also act as digital touchpoints to activate personalized guest experiences. Our Cloud management platform also provide space utilization data (real-time hyper-location, space occupancy and dwell time), allowing you to better understand how your spaces are being used.

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