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19 & 20 October 2022


Blaze Networks

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Solutions to ensure great WiFi and broadband connectivity and security for hotel guests, business meeting and conference attendees. 

Over the past year, good WiFi and broadband access has become an essential part of people's lives - to the extent that it is now a major "hygiene factor" for hotel stays:  problems with a guest's WiFi and internet access can transform what would otherwise be a great guest experience into a "ruined" visit. 

Blaze have implemented and supported wireless infrastructures in hundreds of different environments for many years. Our security focus and deep understanding of networking has meant that our wireless implementations provide the very best in reliability, coverage, bandwidth and features.

Wireless networks have been – and still are – very prone to security vulnerabilities. Over the years our security first approach means that your systems and investment is protected to the best possible standard.  We provide security technologies such as intrusion prevention, network segmentation (so that guest networks and your business network are invisible to each other), and antivirus scanning at the wireless layer. Additionally, proactive support though our NOC and our approach to internal vulnerability scanning means you are protected to the best possible levels not just by the technology, but by the Blaze people monitoring and maintaining your network. 

Key to each WiFi installation is a preparatory site survey (using advanced electronics). Surveying is required because each hotel's layout and physical structure is different, which determines WiFi component configuration, placement, and physical environment. Every establishment is unique.

Talk to us if you need to improve your IT network.


More broadly, Blaze are a security-focused Managed Services Provider, delivering network & IT services to UK businesses. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, Tier 1 Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) and Advanced Fortinet Partner. 


We deliver highly cost-effective and secure private networks, WiFi, cybersecurity, cloud hosting, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Phone System, leased lines, broadband, Direct Peering connections (to AWS, Microsoft 365, Azure, Equinix, Salesforce, IBM and many other cloud providers), unified communications, and secure remote workforce solutions.

A family-run business which commenced operations in 2002, Blaze is owned and managed by the original founders. We are fundamentally a customer and service-focused organisation, dedicated to ensuring our customers’ networks and IT systems are highly dependable, secure, & cost effective. 


Key to these capabilities, Blaze has created a unique network across the UK that employs a highly resilient and secure network design, industry-leading partnerships, and our own UK-based NOC (Network Operations Centre) and Support Desk facility. Designed with resiliency and multiple failover protection, the Blaze Private Core Network has delivered 100% uptime for over 10 years. 


We are a fully licenced Telecommunications Provider and LIR (Local Internet Registry). 


By using Blaze Networks our clients benefit not only from access to product, network, and software solutions from industry-leaders such as Microsoft, Fortinet, Mitel, Veeam, Cisco, Lenovo, and BitDefender, but also to the substantial value which Blaze adds through our infrastructure, processes, and people. 


As an MSP (Managed Services Provider), Blaze Networks provides SME and large organisations with a complete, secure, managed solution, tailored to your specific networking and IT needs. 

Blaze can support the complex network infrastructure and IT requirements of businesses of all types, including large multi-site businesses, those with significant cloud-based systems, and companies with large numbers of staff working from home. We design the right solution for each customer, taking into account your detailed infrastructure considerations.


We’d love to discuss your specific needs, so please get in touch today. 

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