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8 & 9 SEPT 2020


RealTime DC Ltd

EPoS, Hotel Booking, Merchant Services, CCTV, Digital Forms, Wi-FI are some the many solutions we offer to the Hotel Industry.
At RealTime DC we pride ourselves in offering many solutions to the problems that Hotels face.
Complete Electronic Point of Sale interfaced to a Hotel Booking System that increase bookings with on-line presence. Merchant Services allow easy acceptance of Credit and Debit Cards at attractive rates. Add CCTV to EPoS, premises and car Parking with entry recognition. Wi-Fi installed with Social Log-Ons to collect data.
Real-Link is our Form Application that digitises all paper forms, monitors Security Patrols, controls Cleaning, records Asset use, has Maintenance Tickets to ensure fixes are completed, even can record Mini Bar usage! giving proof for regulation and insurance compliance allowing historical data analysis to reduce cost.
Our CCTV can record transactions from the EPoS, Carpark Access, do VIP Recognition and monitor the whole Hotel.
Add our Wi-Fi System with Social log-ons to gather marketing data.
We work with each customer as their partner building solution sto improve customer experience in the hotel and reduce cost . Have a conversation with us.

Tel: 01243 855700

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